Workbenches which are beautiful to look at and to use

Our conception of industrial furniture represents an innovation: we optimise the professional performance of those who use it, focusing not only on the technical aspects but also on the design with our workbench offering.

What does that mean in concrete terms?
That at FLECTA, our focus on and research into product aesthetics are as important as those linked to the technical and functional aspects. 

Why have we chosen this direction?
Because we believe that in a pleasant and stimulating work environment, people work better, more calmly and more efficiently, allowing everyone to fully express their potential.

And the technical performance?
All this is not to the detriment of the functionality of our workbenches: in our vision, form and function are not two opposing elements or factions, but rather two sides of the same coin.

We do not compromise on key aspects such as the quality and strength of our items, and we design all our new products with a precise and analytical mindset.

Why choose us

Are you looking for a supplier of workbenches you can trust and rely on? Here are just some of the reasons to choose us.


We are the perfect choice for those who need functional and aesthetically pleasing workbenches which represent the company and those who work there. Italian design and quality are expressed and enhanced in our modern, high-performance product offering.


You can count on us for the delivery and assembly of disassembled or assembled workbenches (with a small supplement for the latter).


Our after-sales service is attentive and allows us to continuously grow and improve: we will contact you after delivery for feedback on your level of satisfaction and to ask you to tell us about your experience with our workbenches. Where required, we will provide you with the necessary support in a short timeframe.


Together, we will analyse the best solution to meet your needs: we will help you choose the model with the best performance for you through one-to-one consultancy, assessing the work environment and spaces. We never leave anything to chance.


We can customise your workbench to meet all your needs, adding any accessories and/or components required. We are ready to meet any request, happy to accommodate many different kinds of customisation for our range of industrial furniture.


Active listening is an essential value for us: we listen to customers’ needs and feedback to arrive at the best solution for them. We are sincere and transparent with colleagues, customers and suppliers, ensuring that everyone's opinions are respected.


We have obtained the most important certifications for the production of workbenches for the industrial sector.


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Reggio Emilia – ITALY

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61032 Fano – Pesaro e Urbino – ITALY
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