When design enhances functionality


The brand FLECTA specializes in industrial workbenches and puts the functional aesthetics of its products at the top of its list. Design is at the core of our planning: we combine functionality and aesthetics and, for our clients, this means being able to work in a high-performing, modern and stimulating work setting.

FLECTA was born from an intuitive and farsighted company that was the first to notice a new era of industrial design applied to the workplace.

FLECTA is Italian Style and Design.

Industrial processes certified by a quality system implemented year after year provide the customer with the highest standards and performance in products and services. We designed a product that is as unique as our service, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


our layout

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Our business area

A new interpretation of industrial furniture

Your workbench must be functional, naturally, allowing you to work with the maximum efficiency, organisation and convenience. 

We want to go further, however: we are convinced that the nature and essence of our products does not end here, and for this reason we aim to give aesthetics and design a key role in our workbenches for the industrial sector.

We are leading exponents of a new perspective in the industrial furnishing and storage sector, which brings not only efficiency, but also personal well-being to the forefront through a new sensibility towards design. 

Truck - veicoli pesanti - veicoli industriali

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Via Masaccio, 15, 42124 Z.I. Mancasale
Reggio Emilia – ITALY

Production – Via Einaudi, 17/a – 17/b
61032 Fano – Pesaro e Urbino – ITALY
Phone +39 0522 1533038
Fax: +39 0522 1544470

Email contact@flecta-italy.com